27 years ago

On this day, 27 years ago, my CFA was born. 

If I wasn't still living with 90% of my stuff in boxes I would be able to show you a picture of the first time I held her. 

It was the summer between my 5th and 6th grade year. It was the perfect time in my life for a baby cousin to arrive. She was the first baby I ever got to babysit. I remember "babysitting" her at my grandparents house, with my granddad home with us. Her mom and my grandmother went across the street to a craft show at the high school. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

When she got too old to babysit, I had to devise another plan to be able to hang out with her. I got a 4-H job in the county where she lived. 

So then we got to do all kinds of fun things together with Fashion Board and Federation.

Even after she graduated and started college, the adventures continued.

During her ICC days, I roped her into a few adventures that pushed us both outside our comfort zones.

She tried to stay away from me for an extra year at college, under the disguise that she was getting extra endorsements for her teaching career. But eventually, she had to graduate.
And then, PTL, she moved back to Henry!!! 
Where our adventures picked right back up.

I don't have any good way to tie in the following family photos, but I still want to show them to you.

 We hosted a Thanksgiving dinner together. We shared our decorating skills and teambuilding skills with our family :). 

Happy Birthday Sparky! Or is it spunky? 
Oh wait, that's me. 
I miss our long summer days working together and solving the worlds problems on bike rides all over town. You inspire me to listen longer, speak kinder and give more. 

My wish for your 27th year is...

Love ~ A


  1. A blog post, just for me!
    I am super impressed by your photo-finding skills and story line. And when you unpack your boxes, I would like to see that first photo of us- I don't know if I have seen that one before.
    We shall continue the adventures with a bike ride in your "new" neck of the woods very soon.
    Thanks, Smokey!


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