Peek a boo

Here I am.

Still alive, but not kickin' too much right now. The past 25 days have been a whirl wind of activities and events. Some of it has been the mundane annual "stress-a-thon" that 4-H program coordinators typically refer to as the fair. While others have been parties and exciting happenings.

I'll sandwich the mundane in between the excitement and try to catch you up on the stories over the next few days.

My sister celebrated her 40th birthday with a big shin-dig. Her husband planned a big party for her that included family and friends from high school, work, married life (and all of their kids). Lots of people. 

She loved it.

And I loved being able to help. :)

My self appointed job was to keep the food stocked and to take photos. This allowed her and her husband to mingle with everyone.

There were enough kids there that they entertained each other without much help or supervision. 

I feel like I should write a beautiful tribute to honor my sister for her birthday, but I just got home from spending four days at her house and the only thing that comes to my mind right now is that she is the best talker that I know. She talks and talks and talks and talks. I honestly don't know anyone who talks more that she does. As I would be waking up in the morning I could hear her downstairs talking on the phone. If I could avoid talking to anyone before 9 a.m. I would. She on the other hand can talk anytime day or night. 

It's a good thing that she married someone who can hold his own in the conversation department. 

Just thinking about how much she talks, makes me tired. So I'll stop "talking" and do what I do best and leave you with a pretty picture.


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