Kayla's great grandfather and my grandfather were first cousins.
 Her grandfather and my dad are second cousins
 Her dad is my third cousin.
 And she is my third cousin, once removed.
But more importantly, Kayla is a Senior this year.
 And she asked me to take her Sr. photos.
 We originally made plans to take them one weekend in July.
 But the temps were super high that week.
 And the humidity was high enough to curl my hair.
So we rescheduled for August and ended up with a perfect evening.

As I write this there is an episode of Designing Women on the TV Guide channel. I had forgotten how hysterical this show is. (Sorry Mrs. St John, I just ended the sentence with a preposition.)

Charlene just offered to get Julia a Coca-Cola and Sony Walk man. Their 6" long and 3" high shoulder pads give them that beautiful triangle shaped bodice. The hair is nice and big and sprayed stiff. MaryJo's pencil skirt is back in style. Oh the 90s! I know the Sugarbakers are much too classy for baggy sweaters tucked into their tight rolled jeans, but it would just be the cat's meow to see that too.

I think I just realized where I developed my bad habit of sarcasm. This show is just dripping in it. And that is why I'm laughing so hard my eyes are watering!

If you have 21 minutes and 55 seconds, you can enjoy it for your self!

Here's the episode that I actually watched tonight.


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