Half a birthday weekend

 My niece J turned 10 in October. We have been chatting about her birthday weekend since this summer. Horseback riding was on the top of the wish list. But someone had to go and throw a wrench in the plans and decide to take on big projects like refinishing floors during the whole month of October.
 So we did some more chatting and Jordan decided to compromise. She would do a half birthday weekend that included helping me move and dog sit.
 I think the dog sitting part was not such a burden.
 They had to share the back seat on our trips back and forth between houses. I think Duece had fun too....kinda.

 After church on Sunday, we headed to the horse riding stables in my new home town.
 J kept saying "I hope I get a big horse."
 Well, she not only got a big horse, but the staff's favorite horse. She was sooooo excited.
I got the blind horse that could only follow her horse. But I didn't mind. I do not share J's love of horses.
On our way home from the stables, she said that this has been the best year of her life. She got to go to Walt Disney World and go horse back riding twice. She really loves horses!
But that was before we took Duece to get a bath. That might have dampened her thoughts on her half birthday weekend.
We are finishing the second half this weekend with C and Little J.


  1. Looks like you guys had fun at Rockin P Ranch. What horses did you ride? Do you remember their names? (I used to work there.......and also had one of my horses there this summer. So, I'm curious which horses you guys got.) You'll have to bring her out to the Baurer Farm for horseback riding the next time :-)


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