New Characters

I have two new characters to introduce to European Doorways. Even though they would be the first "R" and second "P" to be welcomed to this site, I have different nick names to give them.

Ferris and Cameron.

And if I ever referred to myself in third person, I would call myself Sloane for this particular story.

The story begins in a room packed full of kids, praise music is roaring, the bathroom line is growing and parents are picking up their kids early.

The request seemed benign enough - join Ferris and Cameron for a concert in Chicago. Leave at 3 get back at 12.

Then the plan grew. Dinner then the concert.

Then we just threw caution to the wind and forgot about our To Do Lists and decided to spend the whole day in the City.

The Ferrari was in the shop, so we drove the Accord instead.

The plan for the day was Chinatown. 

But considering we were on a road trip, none of us came with directions or certain expectations.

So we simply found a parking garage, and started walking.

 This was where our feet took us first.

That's Ferris on the right. He was the instigator for this adventure.
Cameron was camera happy. Directing and posing all day long. Maybe I should have named him John instead.
As we were snapping photos all over Millennium Park, it began to rain. So walking to Chinatown got pushed off till later in lieu of eating soon and staying dry. We enjoyed lunch at the Park Grill.

The last time I was at this piece of art, it had water flowing over the sides and a pool between each pillar. December weather changes things. 

While the park was relatively empty, State Street was not. We headed towards Marshall-Fields and the streets were jam packed. I would have loved to have seen the Christmas windows but I was not willing to fight the crowd.

So we just kept walking to the German Market.

And an even bigger crowd was welcoming us there. It was the most crowded market I have ever been in. 
Ferris was the only one brave enough to fight the crowd and buy something. 

Cameron and I just made our way to the edge of the crowd and took photos.

 Where to next? The Art Museum of course!

Back in the day, it was free. Now it costs to get in. And our adventure was not to be slowed down by taking tickets. So we kept moving.

But it would be slowed down by slow satellites and searching for directions. 

Who needs maps and GPS? "Follow me and I'll take you to a cool place."

And this is where the story gets complicated. We spent a good chunk of time exploring the ball rooms, art galleries and meeting rooms of this beautiful building. They were setting up for a wedding reception and the bridal party was in the museum getting photos taken. I don't know what I was thinking when I just stood and stared at them instead of taking their photo. It was a unique wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses outfits. The ladies sounded like they had an Eastern European accent. I am pretty sure I will never see anything like it again in my life.

This next series of photos is my favorite part of our day. 

"Let's ask this young guy to take a photo of all three of us.
OK, let's hold hands."

 "No wait. I want all three of us holding hands. Not just Ferris and I."

- cue hysterical laughter and tears

 "Come on Sloane. Pull it together and get in the picture."

 "Are you still taking photos? Wait until we are ready."

"Now stand on your toes."

On our way back to the car, we made one more stop back at the bean. Chicago at Christmas at night is so pretty.

 After a day long adventure full of new sights, laughter and lots of walking, we were ready to head to the concert.

Over the Rhine.

It was a great ending to a super adventure.

And the principal didn't even show up at our house.


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