Dying Easter Eggs

Yesterday we dyed Ester Eggs.It was fun! I made two yellow eggs because yellow is my favorit color.I did one dark and one in the middle.Miss A. helpt me sometimes!:D

 My brohter PH. did a lot of blue and green eggs.And my Sister did a lot of  pink  eggs.
We did not spill any color for the forst time!Mom was soooo happy!All the eggs turned out very good.
My egg was the last one finished because I wanted it as dark is it could be!Well it got pretty dark.Then, at supper I ate two eggs!They were yummy!!!!

 At the end Miss A. took some "Family-Easter-pics".

 I still have my egg  in the cup (in the pic :D).

See you soon , E.H.B.   :D


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