Guest post by EHB

Today's post took an extra security question to allow for log in. Blogger recognized that I was logging in from a new part of the world. I would like to introduce my special guest blogger Miss E.H.B.

Hello!My name is E.H.B.
Today we pickt up A. from the Airport!Miss A.´s Playn was late. So we windt playing at the Airport-playground.There were a  bus,a train,a rocket and a hillecopter.We playd that we went to Amerika with the bus.First I flow to the Mon with the rocket!It was cool!!!

Then we saw that there was a suitcase on the screen and wint to the place wer Miss A. should come out.Mom said that we were chanting like Miss A. would be a Rock star.

We were wading 15minits and we were chanting 10minits.PH.was giding nervis and me and N.S.B. were giding bord.BUT THEN GUES WAT ?MISS A. CAME!
We were all sooooooooo happy......But PH.`s first question was :What was taking you so long,Miss A.?We took some Pick`s and then we wint Home.
Wenn we came Home,we ate my favorit food!

Thank you Miss EHB! Didn't she do a great job writing in English. English is her second language and she is my wonderful translator. We have lots of fun things planned for my visit. Their welcome made me feel like a rockstar. Not only did I have a huge cheering section at the airport, I also had tulips, Duplos and Schoko and Keks waiting in my room for me. My chocolate is filled up again. 



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