The ElPhi Zoo

Come one, come all to the new ElPhi Zoo.
The entire family will enjoy the many exhibits, friendly animals and informative presentations.

The quaint environment is like no other zoo on earth.

The Africa exhibt is outstanding. The tiger, elephant and bear enjoy the wonderful view from the window sill.

The water in the Artic exhibit stays perfectly fridgid for the penquins and polar bears and is equally cozy on the couch.

Like most rabbits, the ones at ElPhi Zoo seem to have multiplied. It is the largest exhibit.

Visitors will enjoy the pretty songs from the Bird cage.

The zoo keeper loves to greet the guests at the aligator pond. She has trained them so well she can pick one up and allow the guests to pet it. But don't get too close to the mouth.

The monkey and racoon live high up in the tree couch. We are proud of our unique combination of animals.

Hi!Its me,Miss A. told everytheng riht but they were just .....not real!(the Animals!)
We had like 10 rabbits and 5 Penguins and a Sheep Family and 4 bears and......and......and.....

And Miss A. you forgot to tock about the Shepp!So I will tock about the Shepp.
There was one baby sheep that was a newborn. All people wanted to hold it. Her name was Schleify.

We did signs for all of the animals and put them on the cages. It included the animal and the name in English and German. Sometimes there was a picture of the animal. The crodiles did not have a sign because I forgot it and I first saw it when the tourists were already in. 

At the end we gave two special information stuff fo rmommy. Ph did one for the elephant and I did one for the brown bear. 

If you would like to come to our zoo, admission is 1 cent (but everyone gave more :)

****It is EHB's bedtime. We are going to end the story here tonight and schedule this to post on Easter Sunday. We wish everyone a blest day. Happy Easter! ***


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