E.H.B:. "Hello one of the last times I write!
Did we alredy tell about the ElNaPhiKa restoraunt?"

A: "No E.H.B., we did not!!!!!"

E.H.B.: "Okay,okay.....

Well, the story started like this...

When mom and A were on their trip, they were there like 3 days. On the third day, when they should come home, we did a surprise party. It was a restaurant with a real menu card.

  My dad made a cake, an omlet salad and a tomato cheese salad. It was a wonderful dinner. 
Me and my brother and sissy were the waiters. 

My brother gave the drinks and brought A some ice. (Side note from A: Ph's shock was so cute when I used all of the ice.)

I brought the food. And my sissy didn't want to help. 

After dinner, we all went to the disco....in our living room. It was created from me, Ph, sissy and dad. It was very good. 
First me, Ph, and sissy had to say something. 

The banner behind us says Welcome.

Then we all started to dance.

A did not want to dance at first, but at the end she danced like a Rockstar!!! She was GREAT!

Love, E.H.B. and A


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