Jet lag is no fun

After a wonderful run of guest posts from E.H.B., you can tell that I am back at home. The posts have returned to their few and far between states. 

I'm going to blame it on jet lag. 

I know no one can feel sorry for me because you only get jet lag after a trip. And my trip was wonderful and totally worth the two long weeks that I have limped thru after I got home.

In addition to not posting, I have also not finished editing my photos. So I can't recap my trip yet. :)

But I will share what I have done so far.

Welcome to Germany flowers.

 Photo done with a timer so we can print it for the guest book in Frieburg. (More on that trip later.)
 Easter Monday in Freiburg. Everything was closed.
 A potential new blog header for European Doorways.
 A photographer's version of photo bombing someone else's photo shoot. The real photographer was on the other side.
 I still need to work on my sun flare in photos. 
Look at that beautiful blue sky. It was a lovely afternoon.


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