Our late Easter blog

Good morning!
I know that Easter was 5 days ago, but we did not write a blog yet. It was a wonderful Easter day! My Dad hid 72 Easter eggs. All of them got found:) Mrs. and Mr. Sch. came.
In the Morning  we went to church.There was bread, nutella, eggs, meat, cheese, veggies and...and.....and....Mom   made buttermilk pancakes. But now back to the Easter egg hunt in the afternoon. My sissy found some eggs in Lissy (my rabbit :)`s cage.We took her out then!:)
At the end, guess what? It snowed! We quick did some Easter pics and walked in.

 Mom and A. took pics like wild women! Now I know why  they are friends!:)

I am almost done so I say: good bye!
Love, E.H.B.

I hope you have been enjoying the special guest posts by E.H.B. She would love to hear back from all of my faithful readers, either thru the comments section or via email.:)

I would like to add a few more notes about our Easter Sunday. We enjoyed a lovely morning at church which included a church family breakfast. J & K offered to bring pancakes for everyone. J made 7 batches of batter and every single one was gone. They love her "American" pancakes. Most of their friends at church speak English and a few are from America. They all try to make me feel welcome. 

During the service, we sang a few songs that I recognized the melody but my brain could not come up with the English words while everyone else was singing the German words. Music is not my strong point.

After church we enjoyed a delicious lunch at home (all of J's meals are delicous). The S family joined us mid-afternoon for the Easter egg hunt and a wonderful tea.

I missed seeing all of my family on Easter, but this Easter celebration was very special too.
Love ~ A

In the cue, E.H.B. has the following blog post topics: sewing, the ElNaPhiKa resteraunt, repainting the house and jumping on the trampoline. Stay tuned for more super stories and photos.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog posts, E.H.B.! You have good stories to tell.

    (Maybe you need to start your own blog when A goes home....)


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