9 days

I can't even say that "f" word without feeling a twinge inside. So I just don't say the "f" word. I call it the 4-H Show instead of the fair. 

Ugh....my heart rate just increased typing it. 

I have lots of notes all over the place.
I have a shopping list for supplies.
I have a post it reminding me to order a photo frame for the 4-H Queen and I doodled notes about a Cat judge onto the same post it.
I have a business card that I used the back of to write a note about a possible foods judge. 
There are two pages of notes from the fairgrounds walk thru that need my attention.
But these are the notes I really need on my desk.

I have a tendency to hold my breath the busier I get. My brain can only hold so many To Do items in it as once. So as the 4-H To Do list grows the "unnecessary" things like breathing and eating get forgotten.

The 4-H Show begins on July 29th. This coming week is crunch time for pulling together all of the last minute details, reassuring the parents and 4-Hers who are stressing about project requirements, begging volunteers for more help and praying for patience, grace and cooler weather.

Tonight, the Horse Committee got together for a Packet Packing Night. I joined them at the office and was here to get all of the forms copied and enjoy their company. A set of three young sisters were part of the packet packing crew. They have visited me at the office many times and we have been around each other many other times at various 4-H events. When they were done helping with the packets, they asked if they could help me with anything else. So I had them help me count ribbons. They were "fighting" over who got to help count, who got to run the ribbons over to the department box, and who got to fill in the chart.

Counting ribbons opened up lessons to rounding numbers, letting others take the lead, taking No for an answer, listening and following step by step instructions, and using a type writer. The type writer was just an added bonus. The youngest (too young for 4-H) noticed our type writer and asked if it worked. She has pretend typed on one before, but never for real. So she and her middle sister both took turns using the type writer. They were very proud of their typed paper. 

They help me remember to breathe and to stop sweating the little things. The people are the priority!


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