Happy Birthday sister

In honor of her birthday, let me share some random facts about my sister.

1. She is great at trivia. Her and her husband love to go to or host Trivia Nights. They usually win.
2. She is a talker. Professionally she is a radio broadcaster. Personally, she just loves to talk to anyone who will listen (and sometimes to those who aren't listening.)
3. She doesn't know a stranger. This one kinda goes along with #2.
4. She is the best cook in our family.
 5. She is not the best seamstress in our family.
6. Softball is her sport of choice.
 7. All of her children happen to have the same first names as characters from some of her favorite tv shows.
8. She is very good to go out of her way to stay in contact with our 90 year old grandmother - phone calls, visits, cards, gifts. 
9. She loves polk a dots, shoes and good deals.  (And she likes to call me every time she buys one of them.)
10. Growing up we did gymnastic lessons, played in the school band, were on the pom pom team and played on the summer softball teams together. 
11. She went on an adventure today and I was sorry I couldn't join her.

Happy Birthday C.V. L.


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