E.H.B. in U.S.A.

E.H.B. flew on a jet plane to come visit me (and a few other hundred friends and family). 

The first week of her visit, she came to see me at the 4-H Show.....photos are on her mom's camera.
The second week I caught a few hours of her time on Sunday afternoon. Just the two of us hung out and enjoyed a quiet afternoon playing games. Monopoly and Uno. We split the hands of Uno. She won the first hand. I won the second. When I broke out in a Hallelujah chorus, she decided it was time for a new game.

It has been awhile since I played Monopoly and she wasn't sure if Monopoly Jr. had the same rules, so I reread the rules. 

She got to be banker.

Her goal was to buy houses on her properties. So there was some whealin' and dealin' happening to get all of the properties she needed. 

Her other goal was to always have a $500 bill in her bank.

My goal was just to roll the dice and spend the money until it was gone.

Who won? We don't know who won Monopoly, but both of us felt like winners because we got to spend some time together.


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