An update for the sake of updating

I still have not gotten back into a normal (or what I think is normal) schedule since the rush of fair season. Thus, the blog updates are falling by the way side.

Today at lunch, I decided I could simply post a few random facts and let you know I'm still alive.

  • Book I'm reading - Anne of Green Gables
  • DVD currently watching - NCIS Los Angeles Season 3

  • Home Project in the works - refinishing the second window in my kitchen, painting the walls "Winter Wheat" and adding a back splash that will be painted "Wedding White."

  • Home Project most recently finished - redoing the Camo wall that is in my basement. That project is worthy of a post with photos.

  • Photo project at the top of the To Do List - Emily and Luke's wedding guest photos

  • New TV Show that has been added to my list - Downton Abbey - thanks to my CFA

  • Event I'm sorry I'm missing - [un]common workbasket sale this weekend

  • Reason I'm missing the sale - Sand Volleyball Tournament in my hometown
  • Volleyball update - indoor session starts this coming Wednesday. I'm excited to be reunited with my teammates.
  • Exciting September event - NCIS season premiere on Sept. 24th!
  • Funny mistake - I placed an order with Redmond Clay. They accidentally sent me a 10 pound bucket of salt. What do to with 10 pounds of salt....share with friends, make salt scrubs, eat a lot of popcorn.....any other suggestions?
  • Late birthday present - I finally ordered my birthday present my siblings gave me money for. My porch swing should be here soon.
  • Exciting fall event - Roadtrip to nowhere with my MP roadtrip crew. Where will we end up this year?
 Happy Weekend~


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