Gibbs took a hiatus in Season 3. I figure if he could do it, so could I.

But I will try to catch you up on the summer happenings - or at least the ones I have photos. 
Let's start with the family wedding that highlighted the summer.

I mentioned it here...http://europeandoorways.blogspot.com/2013/07/2-years-ago.html

My CFA did a much better job describing the day. She was in the midst of it, while I enjoyed the view from the sidelines.

And the bride shares even more insights on her blog

But for now, I will share a few of the photos I took of the guests...
My CFA and her BFF
My Aunt and some of her great nieces and nephew (who also happen to be my nieces and nephew.)
The groom is in the Army. Guests were invited to wear their formal uniform. There were many handsome men in uniform.
Along with their pretty dates.

and many pretty details.

After their parents let them eat multiple pieces of cake, gave them a sugar high and let them dance until way past their bed time, I brought J, C, and Little J home with me for their birthday weekend. 

Their story is next on the update list.

Until then, Happy Day


  1. I need to steal that picture of Lindsay and I! I don't have any pictures of me with anyone but family from the wedding :)

  2. Love the wedding pics. And I am glad u are blogging again--I love stories!


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