Birthday Weekend for C and Little J

Once again, they had to share a birthday weekend. It means the have to decide together what adventures we are going to do to fill up our days.

The perfect choice for July, swimming. My new hometown has a great water park. It is not soooooo big that I can't let them out of my sight, but big enough that it has fun slides and features.

I am personally not a big fan of water parks. Swimsuits and chlorine are not my best friends. But I tend to stretch my adventure spirit when it comes to birthday weekends, so I went along with the plan. And wouldn't you know, while at the pool I saw 4-H volunteers, 4-Hers, a friend of my mom's and a fellow kids church volunteer. What do I dislike more than swimsuits and chlorine? Talking to acquaintances while in a swimsuit. 
But the three amigos had a wonderful time at the pool. They loved the water slide and the tube slide. They even enjoyed the sand volleyball a sand box.

Our energy levels were pretty low after the afternoon at the pool, so we decided to make dinner and head home to work on crafts, dinner and a movie.

As we were leaving the pool, I gave the group the choice to go to the ice cream shop or the grocery store to get ice cream. They choose the grocery store....more flavor choices. I was thankful for that option, because then we would at least find ice cream with real ingredients. I was so concerned with the ingredients list, I failed to notice their flavor choice included coffee. They noticed with their first bite and loved it through the whole bowl. Nothing says birthday weekend like exhaustion, sugar high and caffeine high. Ugh!!!

We filled our evening with a craft project of making stepping stones and a new movie - a horse movie.
This is our Sunday morning breakfast on the porch. It was C's turn with the Happy Day plate. Little J got to use it the night before. 
After church I was feeling very generous/wild and crazy and we went through the drive through at Steak and Shake. Eat fast food is something they do with grandma and grandpa.....not Aunt A. But we took it to a riverfront park and enjoyed it there. We had hoped to play in the water fountain fun park feature but it was pretty crowded and we still had on our good clothes. So we headed home to do our next adventure.

Paddle boating at the lagoon.

We broke many of the posted rules......we switched "drivers" and we paddled close to the fountains. They had a blast! I tried not to think about how gross that water was.

From the paddle boats we headed over to the playground. Along the way Little J completed his photo scavenger hunt (his special request for the weekend).

{a star}
 {something yellow}
{a squirrel}
 {the number 3}
{the letter T}
 {someone walking on their hands}
{someone in a dress}

Our last part of the weekend was a stop at my house to change into dry clothes and then hit the road to their house.

Happy memories!


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