Summer thoughts....

It is rainy and cold in my neck of the woods today. So today is a great day to think of warm summer activities.

I am committed to getting caught up with the events I planned to post on European Doorway. So we get to look back to July and August today.

The 4-H Show prep consumed my month of July. I don't have any photos of the paperwork and and phone calls. Even if I did have photos they would be as exciting as you might think show prep would be.

But the photos I do have are super exciting.
Look who came to see me at the Show!
International J and her crew were in the states and took the extra effort to come to the fair! I wish I could have given them my undivided attention.... But every few minutes this is what would happen....
My phone kept ringing and people continued to stop and ask me questions. The Show is non stop public relations. I think this phone call was something important like what time is the auction or maybe it was where is the ice cream or was it when the judge needed directions to the fair.
I keep striving for the goal of being so well organized and communicating the details to everyone so clearly that I could miss the show and it would go on without me. I failed to reach that goal......again. And I'm still training my new county people on the "I don't know, what does the fair book say?" way of thinking.

{Trying to retell a story 3 months after the fact is a bit challenging.}
As I was working through a variety of Show responsibilities the crew explored the fair on their own. 
First stop - well it was actually finding me.
Second stop - check out the calm and quiet general project displays
Third stop - loud, noisy, smelly Swine show
Fourth stop - fire trucks
Fifth stop - food stand

Sounds like the perfect fair experience doesn't it!?!

Does E.H.B or her mom have any stories from the fair they would like to add?

P.S. - Their visit was my favorite part of the fair/Show!
P.S.S. - I'm very thankful for access to International J's photos.


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