I'll finally admit that I celebrated a birthday

It may seem like I am in denial of turning 40 (I can't even type the number 40 because my fingers automatically type 4-H). But that is really not why this blog has been unattended for the past month.

The reason is simply because I have so many wonderful family and friends who helped me celebrate my birthday all month long that it didn't leave much extra free time.

Party #1

We did a game night/afternoon with some of my family. Typically during family gatherings I get caught up in the kitchen or with the kids or who knows what else. I don't get in on the games as much as I would like. So for my birthday I just wanted a chance to play some games.
We started out with a large group playing Apples to Apples. I was so thankful that everyone of all ages gets to play this game and we all enjoy it. As the group got smaller and smaller, we switched games. The evening ended with learning how to play a new card game, Rook with Jeff, Dorie and my parents. I don't have any pictures, because I was playing games.

But my dad did take this photo of all of the birthday club members: my aunt and brother in law actually had birthdays the weekend we celebrated. 

Party #2
The Girls
My next celebration was with the girls. This celebration will get it's own post because there were so many highlights.

These lovely ladies went above and beyond to make me feel extra special! We had an excellent dinner at Station 220 in Bloomington. I am going to hold on to those photos for the more detailed blog post.

Party? #4
The night before my birthday, my volleyball team mates gave me a unique gift.... a concussion.

Actually, it was just a gift from Steve. He delivered his elbow directly to my forehead. That knot appeared immediately. And one month later, I can still feel the bruise and a tiny bump or is it an indentation. I can't tell. I just know it hurts when I touch it.

Party #5
J, C and Little J
The day of my birthday, I originally had planned to take the day off from work and get some progress made on my window refinishing job at home. Instead, I spent most of the day icing my head and neck and getting a chiropractor treatment and physical therapy.

But I was able to keep my evening plans to attend a special play.

The Constitution Play by the 5th grade class was a Broadway hit.
My niece played the part of Oliver Ellsworth. He was one of the men who signed the Constitution.

My nephew also made me these beautiful birthday decorations.
This is probably one of the last photos I will have where I am picking up this little boy. He is not so little any more and it won't be long and he will be taller than me. I was struggling to hold him up for this photo.

Party #6
M-P friends
The next party was with some of my M-P friends. We have had plans to go to a tea party and fashion show for several months. 

It was a fashion show with the theme of Downton Abbey. I loved catching up with these ladies and seeing the fashions. I'll save the fashion show photos for another post also. 

This is a sneak peek of the outfit I wore.

Party #7
CFAs (Cousin/Friend/4-H Alumni)
The ultimate ending of a month of celebrations was a roadtrip with these two lovely ladies.

They combined many of my favorites: photos, an adventure, antiques, good food and them.
It is also worthy of it's own post. I have lots of great photos to share from this day. 

My 40th year is off to a great start! I'm looking forward to the adventures waiting for me in the next 11 months.


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