Perfect spring day

If you have not had the privilege of visiting the sun room at my parents' house, I would like to extend an open invitation.

I highly encourage you to plan your visit for  a perfect spring today.

The windows are wide open. The breeze is gently blowing. The birds are chirping and flying about. 

I don't know if I like the scenery or the sounds better. Or should I say the lack of traffic/air planes/sirens/trains/barges sounds?

See! Doesn't that just look like a perfect spring day.

Party #2 recap

As previously mentioned, I have more photos and details to share about some of my birthday celebrations.

The girls traveled from near and far to hang out, catch up and splurge on a great dinner out.

After spending the afternoon touring E's new home and trying to hear as many stories as possible, we enjoyed dinner at Station 220 in downtown Bloomington.

The year I lived in Bloomington, I longed to eat at this restaurant. But it just never happened. So when the Girls asked where I wanted to go for my birthday, I had an immediate answer. Station 220 owns it's own farm just outside of Bloomington. They use local, fresh, organic foods. Most of it they raise themselves. Some of it is purchased from other local farmers and specialty farms in the Midwest.

The menu changes with the seasons and produce available. 
Along with the typical, salad, soup, entry sections on the menu, they also have a section describing the dishes that are options in their 4 course or 8 course Tastings. 

The chef sends out complimentary treats to each/many of the tables. I wish I could remember exactly what it was. It was creamy with bite size pieces of pheasant meat and apricots. I think the topping was a thinly sliced fried onion. But one of the other girls may need to correct me on that. I can confirm that it was delicious.
P went with the 4 course Tasting. I would try to explain all of the dishes, but as you can tell from my failed attempt to describe the first one, I am better off just sharing the pictures and encouraging everyone to go dine there.
 Asparagus potato salad
The soups came to the table with the main ingredients in the bowl and the waiter poured the broth in at the table.
 Brined organic chicken.
 Spicy pork dish. I think it was a Korean dish.

Crème brûlée and lava cake

As if all of that wasn't enough. We headed back to E's condo for more stories, a bag of goodies from Trader Joe's and a gift card to Chipotle. 
These girls definitely know my favorites!


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