Do you bleed green?

If your blood currently bleeds green....
or if it bled green at one point in your life,
you will "get" this song.

If you don't know what I mean when I refer to green blood, then this song will probably make you go "huh?"

I came across this in an old file today. It was written in the summer of 2010. It makes me smile and remember the non-stop laughter that my CFA and I shared while working on it.

The original purpose was to write a creative invite for our judges.

I'm feel like I am taking a risk, sharing it on the world wide web. By next summer, I may start hearing it on Pandora. I bet it will be playing on my Jason and Jason station.

Sing this to the tune of A Few of My Favorite Things from Sound of Music.

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright sunny days and blog posts get written
Pretty pink tulips tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Enthusiastic kids with new skills to try
Sewing, and Showing, and baking a pie
To the 4-H Show with projects to bring
These are a few of my favorite 4-H things

Volunteers ready to teach youth abound
Judges, and Leaders, and helpers around
Summer is always much better than Spring
These are a few of my favorite 4-H things

When the glue melts, when the steer kicks,
When you signed up wrong,
I simply remember my favorite 4-H things
And feel like singing a song

When the paint won’t dry, when the tractor tips
When I’m sunburned bad,
I simply remember my favorite 4-H things
And then I don’t feel so sad

Words by CFA & A ~ next stop Nashville :)


  1. Pandora- ha! Only if Julie Andrews sings it!

  2. I seriously just caught the Jason & Jason reference. An hour later. Only after hearing a Shane & Shane song on Pandora.


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