Cooking Birthday Weekend

Back in the spring, C and I got to enjoy her birthday weekend together. It was a great way to begin her summer vacation. 

The theme of the weekend was cooking.

We spent the day a my friend's dairy farm. She taught us to cook homemade pudding and ice cream and he let us bottle feed the dairy calves and watch him milk.

We missed this birth by minutes. 

A few other highlights of the weekend were:
fishing with grandpa

cooking on her own
lunch at Ruby Tuesdays
starting a sewing project (we still need to finish it)

and playing in the antique wheel chair while texting her mom on my phone :)

Happy memories for a ten year old and her aunt! It was the first time she fed a calf, caught a fish and skinned a fish. She froze her one pound catfish and was so excited to take it home and fry it with her mom and dad. 

I wonder if she made them pudding and ice cream too?

"What I wanted most for my daughter was that she be able to soar confidently in her own sky, whatever that may be." - Helen Claes 

The same goes for nieces.

P.S. Grandpa and I caught fishes too. C was very proud of the fact that hers was the biggest.


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