Done and Done.....kinda.

It has been quiet in the world of European Doorways because other projects have taken my time and words. 

In a recent post, I hinted at the ongoing floor refinishing project I have been working on. I had plans that I would get it completed over my Christmas break. But I was not happy with the first staining job, so I re-sanded it and tried again. Now, I am very happy with the finished product. I have more pictures I will share in another post (that I will type today and set to publish in a few days.)

The floor in my guest room is done.
Thanks to my sis and CFA, the furniture is also moved in. I have new pillows and a down comforter. It is all ready for any guests that would like to come visit me. If you give me a heads up you are coming, I will even get the curtains done before you arrive.

The annual report for work is done.
This is the first BIG project in my new communications role. We actually did two separate documents: a one sheet Recap and a 24 page booklet. Everyone in the Unit played a part in this project. 
This week I should receive the last edits from my co-workers and get a quote from the printer. 
After a late night getting the last pages designed and articles proofed, I rewarded myself with two new pencils from the supply cabinet. I wish I could explain why I felt excited about new pencils, but I did. 
The plans for the next annual report are already being made, so just like the 4-H Shows, the work is never really done.

To keep a bit of reality in this blog, I will show you the other side of the guest room.

I need to sort through all of that stuff and my cousin needs to come back and finish trimming the closet. I also need to finish the closet doors. 

So my projects are only kinda done. 


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