EHB's Birthday Party

Hello! It's me, EHB! The last time I wrote, was a long time ago. So it's time for me to write again.

Because my Birthday was in January, I decided to write about my party. I had my party on the Saturday after my real Birthday. We should have been 15 kids, but one girl was sick and an other girl could not come :(

We first ate the great cake, my mother made (it was a clown),

then we did an art-project with colored sand... it was COOL!

After that I opend my fantastic presents (I got books in English and German, letters from my friends, CD's and much more)! Then I wanted to do a talentshow. We had 3 groups with 3 girls in each group (one group started with four, but one girl had to leave early). The performance was great!!! My group was Nr.1 to perform. We did a funny news. After that three other girls did a great dance and the last group acted out "Little Red Riding Hood".


Let's start from the beginning...

On my real Birthday, a friend came with her baby. We talked and ate cake. I really liked it!

Ok. My Party started with my Dad making cocktails. It was very funny to watch him! My friends we're all supposed to come dressed up. So me and my dressed up friends stood there and drank cocktails (of course without alcohol)....

Even my sister loved them:

At the end of the party we ate pizza. It was YUMMY!!!

So, I think that's it, for now. 

A is coming to visit us soon, so you will be hearing and seeing more from us.



  1. When are you going to Germany, Anita?! How exciting!

  2. Thanks for the post E. Look forward to more from you!


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