Flashback Friday - Valentine's Day Countdown

Are you ready for the next round of dresses? I bet you stayed up late to check your computer to see if this posted, didn't ya? You can tell me. Who am I to judge?

Today's featured dresses are from my sibling's weddings. 

These two are still hanging in my closet.

Bought from David's Bridal
Navy satin, princess neckline and princess seams.
Flat square bow on the center front empire waistline.
The back neckline was a low cut squared off V.
Silver and blue necklace and matching earrings.
I don't remember what shoes we wore. 
Dress worn once, necklace worn multiple times.

Bought from David's Bridal
Baby blue matt satin with shiny satin trim.
Straight dress with wide spaghetti straps.
Bolero jacket with princess seams and two fabric covered buttons.
I don't remember any jewelry.
I had two pairs of shoes for this wedding. The bride chosen shoes were silver satin heals, worn for the photos and wedding. The reception shoes were matching blue silk heals with satin embroidered flowers along the side. 
I am pretty sure I wore this dress two times, with the blue shoes. 

Bonus picture

Freiburg, Germany
I wore this dress a lot.
It is still hanging in my closet.

Bonus Story

When it was time for the bouquet toss at my sister's wedding, I tried hard to get out of it, but was forced out on the dance floor. So I went with my piece of cake. Then someone came and took it away.

She tossed the bouquet right at me and her husband's sister....

....and we let it land on the floor right in front of us.

So she had to toss it again and my brother had to "help" me catch it.

One of the many family stories that we each have our own version we like to tell.


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