I wish I had been there....

My sister re-told a great story about little J. It needs to be shared here as well as preserved in our family story.

Little J is in third grade. He is a tough football player, aggressive on the basketball court and speedy around the baseball diamond. He also is having fun taking piano lessons and trying to teach himself to play the trumpet/coronet.

He can swing a hammer, bake a cookie, shoot a shotgun, and create his own scavenger hunts.

As you can tell, he is very well rounded for an 8 year old.

The story my sister told me went something like this....

Friday was "bring a stuffed animal to school day" in little J's class, in honor of the 103 day of school. Little J had decided the night before that he was going to take his stuffed reindeer, Dasher Jr.

Bright and early, Friday morning, my sister went in to get little J up for school and the following conversation was heard.

My sis "Is Dasher Jr ready to go to school?"

Little J "MOM! You ruined the surprise. I haven't told the others (stuffed animals) yet. I was going to make them guess who got to go."

We are so glad he has a wonderful imagination!


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