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(Thanks to a snow day - I have 3 blog posts scheduled to post daily. Come back again Monday and Tuesday, but don't get your hopes up that I can keep this pace up for long.)

I was given several recommendations this weekend on a good song, book, and two TV shows. I need some good recommendations on a camera for work and finding a good deal on plane tickets to Germany. 

I thought I would share the recommendations I received, plus one of my own. Enjoy!

Worship Song: Overcome by Digital Age
I've been told that this is better when listened to cranked up. 
I'm looking forward to the day the Riverside worship director adds this to his song list.

By Tatiana de Rosnay
I'm going to head to the library and see if they have this available. Otherwise, I will have to make a trip to Indianapolis to borrow it from P. :)

Heartland TV Show. Takes place in Canada and is only on mainstream TV in Canada. 
P says it is a good, family friendly show. I thought I could watch it on hulu, but discovered that I need huluplus. I will keep an eye out for it on DVD. It is in it's 8th season, so the Canadian's must like it.

The Paradise on PBS. This is much different then The Paradise on the Illinois River. I would never recommend the one on the river. I was hoping that I could watch this on pbs.org, but sadly they only have previews available. I think I can watch some episodes on youtube. I may need to add this to my gift suggestion list.

Grantchester on PBS. You can watch this one on PBS. It is brand new, only two episodes into the first season. I have high hopes that this one will be as popular as Downton Abbey. 

On a side note, last week the question of the day around the lunch table was something about "If you could have a vacation/retirement/dream home where would it be?" 
One of my options was a cottage in a small town in Europe. My imagination leads me to believe my choice would be a town like Grantchester (the way it is portrayed in this show.)


  1. I can tell who you've been talking to about TV shows, having had the same conversations myself. :-)
    That song is amazing.


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