Throwback Thursday - Valentine's Day countdown

I was challenged, encouraged, dared and laughed at by my CFA to write a series of blog posts leading up to Valentine's Day.

Now you may be thinking this may be some insightful series about agape love or my favorite romantic movies or gift ideas for all of the men who read my blog (I know of 2), but you would be wrong. That is what everyone else is writing about.

Here on European doorways, I am going to bring you some comic relief, at my own expense.

For the next three days leading up to Valentine's Day I plan to share with you photos of me wearing bridesmaid's dresses. I have been a bridesmaid in 6 wedding, 1993 through 2004. As you can imagine, the styles have changed a tad bit since then. And I have changed alot.

Since I am still single, and I have no great insights on celebrating romance, and my memory is fading on many of the details from these weddings, I am going to stick with my area of expertise, fashion. (There ya go, there's my first joke.)

Fashion is not, nor has ever been an area of expertise for me. A more accurate description of my expertise is "apparel product development." I'm going to be digging deep into the dusty archives of my memory to remember the correct terms for describing these dresses.

"Homemade" by the local seamstress
Drop waist with a two tiered gathered waist skirt with swooping hem
A 3' bow on the back 
Acetate lace bodice over satin
Custom dyed shoes (from Payless, I'm sure)
Worn once.

I just did a second look at the photo to see if I was wearing an ankle bracelet. I'm surprised that I wasn't.

Custom made by my mom. I may have sewn a few stitches on it.
Peach satin straight skirt dress. 
Ivory acetate lace bodice separate from dress with a V waistline and neckline.
Ivory hose with matching shoes (again, from Payless)
Dress worn once. Shoes were probably worn out.

Bonus picture......

Guest book attendant
I don't have permission from  the bride and groom to include them here. The lovely lady on the right is International J. I have her signed photo release in my "file." :)
This picture would be a great example of why International J and I have been confused as sisters.

I am thankful to say that I do not have any of these clothes or shoes in my possession.......oh I spoke too soon. There is a tiny chance the black skirt, I am wearing in the last photo, is in storage tote in my basement. I'm scared that if I had either of those bridesmaid's dresses, my CFA may make me wear it to the next family gathering. 


  1. 1. Love it all!
    2. Thanks for complying.
    3. As for the last paragraph, you betcha.

  2. Really enjoyed this post - as well as all the others - but where are the remaining dress pictures? I will keep checking until they appear! I think of you often, my friend!


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