Wayback Weekend - Happy Valentine's Day

I saved the best for last. 
Part of the challenge included directions not to comment on if I liked the dresses or the state of the marriages or if I am still friends with the couple. But I have to tell you these brides could have asked me to wear a moomoo and I would have done it with a smile on. It just made their weddings more fun that they chose lovely dresses to go along with the celebrations.

Boughten dress from Michaels's Bridal with adaptations made for modesty
Lavender chiffon dress with draped neckline
Split flutter cap sleeves
Chiffon shawl draped over the neckline with tales flowing over the shoulders
Silver strap shoes
Worn once
Shoes worn several times

Boughten off the rack (I think it was Famous Barr)
Two pieces
Black chiffon bodice covered in black/silver beads, rounded neckline, v waistline, short sleeves
Full, floor length skirt, cut on the bias to give it a beautiful drape. Black polyester fabric with a silver sheen.
We each wore whatever black shoes we owned. I wore the same ones I bought in Germany for International J's wedding. I am still wearing them.
I have worn this dress/skirt a handful of times. Anytime someone wants to take me out to a super fancy dinner, I will gladly wear it again :).

Bonus photos



There ya have it. A glimpse into the wedding experiences of a single girl.

For all of you married couples out there, my assignment for you is to go pull out your wedding album, sit down with your spouse and enjoy a walk down memory lane. 

I'll check in with you and make sure you accomplish your assignment. 

Or better yet, send me a picture from your wedding :). 


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