Jameson Hello Dublin

Even though I am not on my way to Dublin, I am very much enjoying their amenities. I have two hours to wait at the airport and the cute seating area next to the Jameson kiosk was calling my name. Their chairs are much more comfortable than the boarding lounge.

It is tucked away in a nice little corner where I can people watch but they don't really notice me.

I have been watching one guy pace up and down the corridor while talking on his cell phone.

It has been a long time since I flew out of Terminal 5. I'm impressed with the atmosphere here. 

If I were a good blogger, I would have an interesting story to share. But truthfully, I am very thankful for the uneventful  leg of my journey. 

I'm praying the next two legs are just as calm and peaceful. 

I promise the next blog posts will have much more interesting stories. My co-blogger E.H.B. will help me with that.


For those readers who like the statistics of air travel.....
  • My checked suitcase was 1 KG UNDER weight.
  • My carry on was 10 KG OVER weight and thus became my second checked bag. Free of charge.
  • My backpack had to be weighed also, but they did not tell me how much it weighed. I am sure it was overweight because it has both my laptop and camera. 


  1. You may not wish to sample some of Jamison's more potent offerings, but on your way back through go on in and see if they have any of their chocolates. When my sister and I were in Ireland with a tour group we toured their distillery and then bought some of the chocolates in the gift shop and they were amazing. There's maybe a drop or two of whiskey in the center, but the whole flavor mix is really good.

  2. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. Enjoy!!


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