Meet the baby party

I would like to introduce you to H2. 
He was born on Tuesday, March 3, to my brother and his wife.
 H2 is their second son.
 He is my third nephew.
 And the fifth grandchild.

Big brother H is more interested in the new decorations in the nursery, then he is baby H2. I think they will grow up to be great playmates and buddies. 

Big brother Deuce, returned home and went directly to the basement. I'm not sure if they have been introduced yet. 

I wish I had more interesting stories to share about meeting H2. He slept most of the time and the only time he made a peep was when he whispered in my ear and said, "You will always be my favorite aunt."


  1. Thanks for more pictures. He is very cute and I can't wait to meet him!!


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