Special guest

Look who came to visit me for the week.
When he is at my house (or anywhere around me) his name is Deucey. If my brother hears me babe-ify his name, he quickly corrects me. His name is just Deuce. As in two. 

Deuce came over on Monday night, so his "mom" and "dad" could spend their time on more important matters. They were at the hospital welcoming their second son (my third nephew) to the world. Baby #2 is another H name. They did not consider the blogging challenges that will create. His initials are H.H.W. Maybe I will give him the blog ID of H2. 

Don't worry. There will be pictures and stories of H2 on European Doorways, this weekend. 

In the mean time, we will all have to settle for his doggie brother to "entertain" us. 

Monday and Tuesday were very lovely with my house guest. He was staying calm, listening and following directions. He earned the privilege to have the whole basement to himself while I was at work, rather than being locked up in his crate.  

I had early vball games both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I made a quick stop by my house to let Duecey out, between work and the game. Tuesday night...perfect timing. Wednesday night....5 minutes too late.

Somehow, Deucey got the door open to my main floor. From the look of things, he made himself comfortable in my bed. And if I had to guess, as soon as he heard my car pull into the driveway, he completely emptied his bladder on my bed. 

My white duvet, down feather comforter, white cotton blanket, light gray throw, sheets, mattress pad AND the top of the mattress were soaked. 

No wonder he didn't rush out the door to go the bathroom. 

I have never been more thankful for my Select Comfort mattress. The whole top of the mattress unzips and can be washed. 

Load #1 went into the wash as I ran out the door to my volleyball game.

Load #2 went in the wash as I ran in the door and back out again to go see The Drop Box.

Load #3 is in right now and I am not staying up late enough to finish Load #4 tonight. 

Needless to say, Deucey got put in his crate all night. I'm still deciding if he is going to get put in it tomorrow while I'm at work, or if I am just going to give him less water. 

One thing that is for sure, I know exactly what I am going to ask my brother to get me for my birthday....a new down comforter. 


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