Welcome in my blog....I am Captain America.

Hi, I am "Captain America." 
E.H.B. is my big sister. She is at the doctor right now. Her mouth is red and bloody and no so cool. She puked two times in the night. (He means throat, not mouth.)
My little sister "Princess Ballerina" is at Kindergarden right now.
So A and I are writing a blog post.....very fun.

Do you like my picture? It was taken at Sherrie's birthday set up for the party.

Yesterday, as soon as I woke up I went down and woke up A. Then we had a sewing lesson. It was a fun time. My sisters were sleeping. We made a jar opener. A wants me to give it away, but I am still thinking. I want to keep it. I want to type a ?, but A tells me it is not a question, it is a statement. 

I can speak English good. But I am in 1st grade and am still learning to write English. So A is helping me translate, so you can understand.

If I was not on spring break this week, I would have English in the 4th hour.  

On our last day before spring break, our teacher told us she is having a baby. We cried because she is not coming ever and ever to our school back. :(

When a porcupine hears ants walking, it sounds like a storm. (That sentence took about 3 minutes for Captain America and I to figure out what he was trying to explain.)

I want A to teach me to sew a stuffed animal penguin. This morning I drew a picture of a penguin for A. Then A made me practice sewing big circles on paper. I did bad because I could never sew in the line. (He really did pretty good.)

We are going to make my penguin out of material. It is dark dark dark blue (Captain America doesn't know the word Navy). The tummy is white with polka dots. Yellow mouth, yellow feet, the eyes are buttons.



Captain America has been telling me THE END, over and over again for the last couple of paragraphs. Now is keeps asking me "When is the end? Tell me tell me when the end is."

He is ready to move on to the next adventure. We don't stay in one place very long. 


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