How we celebrated A's Birthday...

We were honored to be able to celebrate A's 40th Birthday with her - one year late. 

A wanted to go on a hike and have a picnic. Her one wish was that there was no arguing, crying, whining and bad moods. I can't believe it, but we did it. Here are some impressions of the day. 

A was greeted with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. 

The Birthday Queen. Her appetizer was a monster cookie for breakfast. You can see her chocolate cake in the bottom corner of the photo. Our family eats Birthday cake for breakfast - it is a tradition the kids love!

A making a wish and blowing out her candle. Princess Ballerina has a Birthday crown on out of solidarity. (Editor's comment: I forgot to make a wish.)

A eating a second piece of homemade chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting by 11:00am ?!?

We are gung-ho, ready to go.

We ate our picnic lunch next to a volcano. No worries, it is no longer active. 

A nice man took our picture. He got all of us in it, but unfortunately missed the volcano crater behind us.

A little more sugar for A - Captain America brought a large Schoko and Keks candy bar with him. 

We had gorgeous weather, and A was able to enjoy the sunshine. 

Here is a picture of our hiking path. 

Along the way, we changed into shorts for the first time this season and realized that Princess Ballerina had a hole in hers. A was well-prepared and could mend them on the spot. 

This was our monster cookie and chocolate break. Yummy!!! We have completely ruined all of her good eating habits. 

We did really well. We didn't make the whole 10 kilometer hike, but we were exhausted by the end. A got a blister on her toe. We need to nurse her back to good health before she heads home. 

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes you sent to A. I believe her sister and boss were the first from your side of the ocean. 

~International J
Mother of EHB, Captain America and Princess Ballerina


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