Trying a new technique

I enjoyed a 3 day break from my German lessons. Due to all of the Easter festivities, glimpses of sunshine, and visitors, the German lessons got set aside.

My teacher is ready to crack the whip again, but I am not ready for my new worksheet. 

The part of my brain that helps me retain written words and new languages is very small. It has been getting a tough workout this past week. It feels like an aching muscle. I'm no brain surgeon, but it feels like this part of my brain is located right behind my eyes. At least that is where the dull pain is coming from.

That part of my teacher's brain is very strong. I think it makes up at least 50% of her brain. Words and new languages and new songs stick in her head like super glue. She is confused at why I am struggling so much. 

So my lesson to her includes different learning styles. 

After assigning myself the task to write my German words five times each (I can thank my grade school teacher for that lesson), I decided I needed a new approach. Writing them does not make them stick in my brain. 

So I am trying photos. 

Writing and remembering these words is just one part of my challenge. Pronouncing them is a whole other story. 

Wish me luck! It is time for my next German lesson.



  1. Well, grate technique! Hope it works cause on thursday is your test...... if I'm thinking right.;) Good luck!!! <3 <3 <3


  2. Good Job,
    your teacher (**EHB**)


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