I passed my test

Ladies and gentlemen, I passed my German test with flying colors.

I studied hard. I know I am getting older, but it still surprises me how much harder it is to learn new things. My German lessons were a mental workout.

Thankfully, Captain America and Princess Ballerina helped me study. Their young minds are like sponges and if I could catch them at the right time, they would squeeze some of their smarts out on to me.....between the giggles and the fake ninja fighting moves.

Even though my teacher, E.H.B, had some moments of doubt, she still believed in me and pushed me to keep studying. Thankfully, she recognized my limits and stopped adding more words and lessons. We just kept reviewing the alphabet, verb conjugation, and words starting with A, B, C, D, & E (plus a few random words and German language rules.)

One of my birthday gifts was that I did not have to take my German test that day. Which left Saturday as the BIG test day! I took my notebook with me on the adventure we went on during the day and studied during the drive time.

Saturday evening, Miss E.H.B, let me have one last review of my photo notes and my notebook, before she handed me the test.

I had to write as quick as I could, before I forgot what I had just reviewed.

In the Worter finden (Write the words) section, I only missed a half point. I forgot to capitalize Ende (end). All nouns in German are capitalized.

I think I made Miss E.H.B. the most proud when I got a perfect score in the verb conjugation section. That lesson has been a struggle for me. I doubt I could conjugate a verb in English, but in theory, I should be able to do it in German now. 

I also got a perfect score in both sections of the Wie Klingt was? (How does what sound?)
The first section was double letter sounds and the second section was the alphabet.

Zahlen (numbers) I lost 5 out of 10 points for misspellings. Miss E.H.B. is a tough teacher. I only had one letter wrong in each, and I lost the whole point. She pushes me to be my best.

I was able to correctly write the rule about capitalization but messed up a little bit on the two Fragen und Antworten! (questions & answers). 

Overall I got 101.5 points out of 109. In E.H.B.'s grading scale it is a 2+. Her momma said that was about equivalent to a B+ in the American grading system. But her momma went to the rival high school. At my high school, it would have been an  A-. 

Either way, I got a "Great Job!" on my test from Miss E.H.B. My goal was to make her proud of me and I accomplished that!


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