Our adventures!

Before she came, A brain stormed a list of ideas of things we can do together. We have been trying to work through this list. Here are the ones we have checked off so far.

**Craft/Art Lesson**

Princess Ballerina and A did a craft lesson. They created this:

**Draw pictures**

Captain America and A drew a cool picture:

**Have a game night**
Yesterday we did a cool game night. We played "Mexican Train Dominos"..... Captain America won, my dad got 2nd place. My mom and Princess Ballerina (they played together) were 3rd. Me and A got 4th and 5th place. :(

**Go to a play/musical**
On the day A arrived, I had my play practice. We counted that as "Go to a play/musical".

I'm the main role. I get to speak lots of text and sing TWO solos. I am VERY excited!!!

**Sing a song**
We have already sang lots of songs: From "The Fruit of the Spirit..." to the german song "Auf uns."
It's always fun to sing songs, especially with A. :D

**Go to an art museum**
Let's just show you this with pictures:

Captain America did not like the "Karl Lagerfeld exhibit" at first, till we came in a really cool room. Everywhere there were white, paper flowers. Then we went to two other exhibits: Michelangelo and an artist that makes sculptures out of animal poop. I liked the Michelangelo the best. A like the Karl L. exhibit the best because he is a fashion designer. We wish we could have taken photos inside the museum exhibits.

**Go Antique Shopping**
**Go treasure hunting at second hand stores**

A and I took the bus into Bad Godesberg yesterday afternoon. Bad Godesberg is an area of Bonn. It has lots of different types of shops. We went to a couple of office supply stores, a book store, Woolworths, and a second hand store with antiques. A loved it! I did not. I enjoyed it but I did not love it.

A bought an antique book. I don't know what she is going to do with it. It is in old German. 

My favorite part of our adventure was shopping at H&M and eating ice cream.
A wants me to tell you, we are drinking apple juice and Apfelschorle. I had cookie ice cream. A had one scoop of strawberry and one vanilla. YUMMY!

**Drink green smoothies**
Princess Ballerina already told you in her interview, she had an Easter Breakfast at kindergarden. Mommy made banana smoothies and green smoothies for them. We got to drink some before we took them to the class.

**Take a stroll**
For the past week, it has been raining every day. :( In fact, we had two days of the worst storms Germany has had in the past 10 years. The winds blew trees over and a semitruck on its side! We have stayed inside a lot.
Today it has been sunny all day. Papa is off work today and we all took a stroll to the father Rhein.











Captain America did not want to go. It took him and us a long time to enjoy and be, how we look on the Pic's. We walked down Father Rhein and tried to enjoy the sun. There we took picture 9.Then we went on a side street to a great big garden. There we took pictures 5, 7, 8 and 10. At last we walked to a little playground. And the fun started: we slid, climbed and jumped.....and much more! There we took the pictures 1-4 and 6.

I hope you enjoyed being part of our fun,

P.S. German lessons are also on our list. But I already told you about them in my other blog. We have 35 more things to do.

This was the German Lesson contract.


  1. And? How did we do? I love it!!!!!!



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