Selfie with a Twist

It is time to update our photo boards in the break room at work. About once a year we select a new theme and invite all of the staff to send in a photo. We print and hang the 8x10s and enjoy both the photos and the stories they spark.

Our past themes have been:
A vacation photo (no people in the photo)

Your favorite _______ (no people)
I did my favorite vegetable.

Our next theme is Selfie with a Twist.
The "Twist" just means there is something unusual about it: location, who/what is in it with you, how it is taken, etc. The options are endless and I am excited to see what my co-workers come up with.

This one is a bit more of a challenge for me. I don't have a smart phone and my camera is too heavy/big for one person to be able to hold it far enough out and take the photo. So I have been pondering what type of selfie I want to submit.

Here are some photos up for consideration.

Selfie with a literal twist.

Photo bombed selfie

Pretty selfie with funny old cars over my shoulder.

A selfie while on a ferry.

Selfie taken in a mirror during my floor sanding project.

A different kind of selfie.

Just your ordinary selfie.

Selfie in a mirror.

Entertaining ourselves while their parents shop. A group selfie in a mirror at the store.

Which one would you choose?


  1. Hmmm...... tough decision! I like all of them, but I think the last two are the best! Great blog, A!


  2. Thanks ***EHB***. Miss you tons! Have a wonderful time on your adventures this weekend.

  3. I agree with EHB! The last two are my favorite, although I think the "selfie on the ferry" is SO sweet and the "selfie with a photo bomber" is quite hilarious. Let us know which one you choose. International J


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