Bragging rights

Just look at these two cutie patooties!

We have been hanging out together this weekend....kickin' back, reading books, swinging, taking naps (them, not me), eating, playing with new friends (new to them, not me) and visiting with grandma and grandpa. 

I took some great photos with grandma and grandpa, but they are on grandpa's camera. {Someone remind me to transfer those to my computer.}

My friends get to (have to) hear me tell stories about my nieces and nephews all of the time, but I can't think of a time where I have gotten to introduce them...until today. IL J lives "around the block" from my brother. So we had a play date today. Her kids were so excited to play with the babies. I was excited to get to catch up with J. 

I should probably take photos of the 3 dogs and 1 cat I am watching this weekend too. I wonder if they feel left out? At the moment I am typing this, all 6 of them are quiet. No crying, laughing, talking, barking, yipping, or meowing for the first time today. I better take advantage of it and go to sleep.


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