Favorite Child List

We have a couple of different points systems going on in our family.

My sister and I have an ongoing contest in which we gain invisible points anytime someone says "Is ____ your sister?" Whenever this happens, we call the other one and award them their point. The contest has been going on since 1998. Neither of us know the real score. Since this is my blog, then I can confidently announce that I am winning. :)

The other contest we have is the Favorite Child contest. We can gain rankings on the "list" by either doing something nice/great/out of the ordinary OR by one or two of the others NOT doing something. The ranking is self-declared.

For 11ish years, my sister claimed she was always in 1st place simply because she had kids. Now that my brother has two little boys, she has to work a bit harder to move up the list.

On Father's Day, my brother and his wife hosted a dinner, but my sister and her family had plans with her in-laws. So of course, this was a perfect time to declare the rankings....

We took this picture on my dad's cell phone and then I tried to post it using his facebook account with the following description:

"(My sister's name) has fallen to the bottom of the favorite child's list. (A) is in first place thanks to her awesome homemade chocolate pie. (My brother's name) came in a close second with his smoked brisket."

My dad was watching over my shoulder as I was typing this on his phone and was laughing right along with me. The problem was that for some reason, just the photo posted but no description. So my brother swooped in and rewrote the story.

Here is the facebook conversation that followed:

(Bro) "(Older Sister) fell to the bottom of the favorite child lost today. (A) stayed in the middle! Sky rocketing to the top was the one who cooked all the food! Except the pie!"
(Sis) "I am always at the top of the favorite list!! I just let you near it every once in a while!! You are Welcome!!"
(Me) "The homemade chocolate pie totally pushed me to the top!"
(Bro) "(Older Sister) you only make the top 3 by default...."
(Sis) "You know you are adopted (Brother)."

The line "You know you are adopted." tends to bring up a few other family stories that also show our sibling rivalry. Our parents gave up trying to teach us differently. Now they just laugh right along with us.


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