Summer vacation!

Hey, this is EHB. 
On Friday, the 26th of June, I ended this school year. It was a nice school year, my 5th grade.  And I got my report card. (In Germany, we just get report cards in the middle of the school year and at the end of the school year). It was great: a 1,3 grade point average (1,0 is the best)!  I was really happy.

On Tuesday, before my long summer break, I had a "Day for Afrika". I sold Cakes and Cupcakes and books for schools in Afrika and we earned 200€ (about $225). In our group, there were 5 girls.
 Do you see me? I'm on the far right.

Our whole class earned 1500€ (about $1700)... it was just great! Two of the girls stayed over night at my house Monday night.

What I also did shortly before summer vacation, I met our good friend HP in Koblenz. She brought her twin girls EP and AP. We took lots of pic's together. 

We had lots of fun together! 

My mom made caramel rolls (recipe from my aunt). They were very yummy, but they're a lot of work!

My best friend S and I like to bake together. We can be really funny:

And now it's summer vacation! Six and a half weeks hanging around and doing things we want to do.
We're driving to a German island with my cousins, aunt, uncle, Grandma, & Grampa from Germany.

Happy summer on the other side of the ocean!




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