Beautiful and classy weddings are the best

If I ever became a real photographer, I think I would write into my contract that I will only photograph beautiful, classy, people. They make taking a great photo so easy. 

Just look at these two!

We did a Save the Date photo session on one of the coldest days of the year.

Then we spent a beautiful spring afternoon together for a full engagement session.

Then we spent a lovely, yet hot and humid, day photographing their wedding.

I had a hard time choosing my favorites.
The wedding was Friday night, so consider this a special gift that I am sharing the photos before I have done any editing. It doesn't happen very often.

I arrived at the bride's home before her and the bridesmaids were back from their hair appointments. Her dad and cousin were at the house. Her cousin had just bought himself a new camera that happened to be the same one I just bought for work. He spent a lot of time researching which camera to buy and is studying the manual to learn how to take great photos. I learned quite a bit from him while we waited for the girls to arrive. I invited him to take photos right along with me throughout the wedding. I hope I have the chance to see the images he captured. I am sure he got some great shots.

In addition to the favorites posted above, I captured a few other "great" shots I think you will enjoy.

We had a photo bombing cat...

and a runaway ring bearer.


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