Donating My Hair

This is EHB, again. 
On Sunday evening, I did something very interesting; I cut my hair to send it to a company, that makes wigs, for people with cancer. 
I was really nervous, but I like it now. 

Here are some pics:

Our good friend LP has cut people's hair three times to be donated, so Mom let her cut mine. She measured my hair:

Then we took a picture with my long hair:

And after I washed and conditioned my hair, she started to cut......

Captain America, Princess Ballerina, and LP's children (AMP, Giggle-box and Mr. Lego) we're watching.

And then LP was finally done with the hard part. {Editor's note: technically cutting off the pony tail was the easy part for LP; emotionally that was the hard part for EHB.}

LP then trimmed and shaped it up.

And here's the finished hairdo.

It is very nice to have short hair, especially on extremely hot, summer days.  We don't have air conditioning on this side of the ocean.

Anybody interested in donating their hair too? Just let me know, and I'll give you all the details.



I am so proud of EHB. 
What a generous and brave gift to give.

I was getting nervous just looking at the photos of LP cutting off her long hair. The new cut looks gorgeous!



  1. So cute, EHB! You look beautiful inside and out! :)


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