Summer? fun

The calendar says it is summer, but the weather is trying to play tricks on us.

Earlier this month, I had plans with my sister and my friend to take all of the kids to the water park in town. The day surprised us with a forecast of the low 70s. The kids were the only ones who were interested in the water park when it was that cold.

At the last minute we changed to plan B and headed to an indoor waterpark instead. Even in there it was a bit chilly.

The kids had a great time playing together. The two boys are the same age and were thrilled to have a buddy to play with, rather than just sisters.

The girls are on opposite ends of the age spectrums, but the little girls loved the attention from the big girls (and vice versa). By the end of the day, the new friends were sad to go home.

I took along my underwater camera for a little extra fun.

Next summer, we will make it back to the bigger waterpark.
Or better yet, head up to Rockford and add Wisconsin J to the group. Anyone else need a roadtrip for their family calendar?


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