The Encourager

There are 5 key elements to a great team.

  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Endurance
  • Safety (emotional and physical)
  • Trust

And the 6th element that moves a great team to an exceptional team is Encouragement. 

My oldest nephew, little J, is an awesome Encourager. He is always cheering for his teammates and the first in line for the end of the game high 5s. He excels with this on his sports teams. I can't speak for his classroom teams. He is still working on it with his siblings team.

A few weeks ago, I got to watch one of his baseball games. I was watching most of the game through my camera lens. Watch this series of photos and tell me what you see....

As I was holding down the shutter button, capturing this series of photos, I was missing the flight of the ball. I thought for sure it was headed right towards Little J. But instead, his buddy caught it on the pitcher's mound. Little J's arm pump cheer was immediate. He was so proud of his friend and teammate.

Little J is on the right. 

As a former coach and a current player, I have seen and experienced the difference it can make to have sincere encouragement from your teammates. I'm so thankful that Little J has learned that characteristic at an early age. Now, if we can get him to learn that his sisters are part of his team of siblings.


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