Growing up, what did you like to do for fun?

With my sister and brother, we spent most of our childhood outside. That was mainly due to the fact that we were probably driving our mom nuts, so she sent us outside.

Our favorite "game" was to play in the hideout. It was an open area in a wooded area not too far from the house. 

We also made our own gymnastic set up in the front yard with old mattresses and a small exercise trampoline.

We played hide and seek, rode our bikes down to the bridge, played along the river and in the river, and rode the 4 wheeler around our property line/track.

When we were good, we got to go swimming at an old strip-mine lake. It was green water, full of moss and fish and we thought we were "livin' the dream." 

Our least favorite summer fun was picking green beans, snapping green beans, shelling peas, picking strawberries, or anything else in the garden. But we did it anyway.

In between our adventures outside, I had to work on my sewing projects for 4-H, make our daily pitcher of kool-aid, and every so often it was my turn to make cookies (mom usually did that for us). 

Today, we are giving my nieces and nephew lots of opportunities to have some of the same kind of fun that we had growing up. They still love their electronics, but hopefully 30 years from now they might say a Sunday afternoon adventure at grandma and grandpa's house was one of their favorite childhood memories.


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