A quick list

1. Madrigal - C

My niece was in a madrigal. She sang a solo and appeared in several of the skits. I'm so proud of her.

2. Surprise compliments
I attended C's performance that was held during the day for her classmates. Following the performance, one of her teacher's approached me to just let me know she loves having C in her class. Those types of compliments are the best, in my book.

3. H1 turns 2

H1 had a Mickey birthday party. He loved playing with the balloons and the 3 big boys and 2 big girls who played with the balloons too.

He got the hang of ripping open the gifts with his daddy's help. Like most kids he didn't want to open more gifts, he wanted to play with the one he just opened.

4. They took my toys

But the toys got handed off to the nearby helpers to get the packaging open. Two-year's old don't understand silly packaging. 

Next time, I am going to take my gift out of the packaging ahead of time.

5. H2
Baby brother loved all of the activity and guests at the party too. 

6. Graduation
My dear friend E, has been working hard for the past 9 years on her bachelor's degree.....while working full time. She graduated this weekend and had a little party to mark the occasion. It was fun to catch up with her family and meet several of her work and local friends. 

7. Family tradition
We have a family tradition of taking a group photo every Christmas. This year my mom (and probably dad) won't be with us on Christmas day. Mom is having shoulder surgery on the 23rd. So we took a quick photo during H1's birthday party. The gift's had just been opened, so the kids were not so excited to be pulled away, but we were loosing light quickly. 
We couldn't remember whose turn it was to line everyone up. Little J decided it was his turn. His original plan included the two babies sitting on his and C's laps. But the babies started crying so they got whisked away to turn their tears into smiles. 

After I got home I had to study last year's family photo. I think it was really C's turn to do the line up. We better start writing this information down. 


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