Help Wanted: Landscape Crew Leader

That's it!
I quit. 
Yard work is not for me.

The past two weekends I have spent more time than I would have liked, working on projects in my yard. And two weekends in a row, I have gotten stung by bees and bugs. I can't remember the last time I have been stung so much and with such a strong reaction. Welts and lingering red marks are the new norm.

Today's reaction is the worst. I got stung by something under my eye. It swelled up very quickly and is slowly getting worse. ugh!

Thankfully, it does not hurt and I can see fine. Hopefully, it is healed by the time I leave for church in the morning. 

You know how bad painters finish the job and are covered in paint. Well I think the same is true for bad landscape crew members. 

I had muddy water splashed all over me and smudges of mud on my face and arms. The only reason my arms are clean in this picture are because I had to wash them before I picked up my camera. This job is just not for me. 

So I am calling it quits and will be accepting applications for a replacement. I can pay them in cookies, fresh pineapple, or homemade lemonade. They need to be able to lift at least 50 pounds (I have another rock that needs moved), not afraid of heights (my gutters need cleaned), and will received bonus points if they have a truck (I need a load of mulch). If they can start tomorrow it would make me super happy....I wouldn't have to mow my yard. 

Or I can just quit my whining and get back to work. 


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