What I should be doing, What I could be doing, What I am doing

I'm dog/cat/fish/house sitting again at my bro's house. 
And not doing a very good job at it. I forgot to feed the fish this AM, but Kenny enjoyed sleeping in and dining on a late brunch. 

The cat snuck upstairs unattended a few hours. I think she visited with Kenny the fish, because the fish food was knocked over. 

Duecey threw up last night, but thankfully it was outside. 

Luna caught her paw in the new rug and left a snag.

Hazel and Mabel are good....so far.

I'm not sure how my bro and sis-in-law keep up with all of them plus their two little ones. 

It is a beautiful day in the woods. I know my bro would love to come home to a large pile of sticks picked up from his yard, but I haven't gotten quite that motivated yet. I was easily tempted to rearrange the deck furniture to take advantage of two of the luxuries of house sitting: being out in the country and having satellite TV.

 I'm sitting on the deck with my laptop....

with the door wide open, so I can watch the NCIS marathon...

 while enjoying the perfect weather and sounds of nature....

while I keep Duecey entertained with a new bone. (Otherwise he likes to bark for no reason.)

I should drive home and get my yard mowed and gutters cleaned out.

Or I could be more productive here and work on editing photos and a couple of photo printing orders.

But instead I'm going to keep enjoying a lazy day on the deck. I wonder if they have an air mattress or chaise lounge around here somewhere. :)


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