Elevator Speech

I had to give my elevator speech yesterday. It was in response to the question "where do you work?" When I answered University of Illinois Extension the person thought it was part of the U of I College of Medicine. He seemed intrigued when I gave him the 30 second explanation of U of I Extension. (Or maybe he was just being polite.)

I have a feeling all of my blog readers know about Extension and have an idea of what I do for my job, but just in case you don't let me give you some highlights of our programming and an example of my work.

If you want to see more insights and another example of my design work you can find the PDF of our 24 page booklet Annual Report online at https://issuu.com/anitawilkinson/docs/unit_11_fulton-mason-peoria-tazewel

(And if you don't care to read it just go click on it and give me another "hit" for my contact reporting :) )


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